Monday, February 1, 2010

Are you ready to get LOST?

::WARNING: This post will contain spoilers if you haven't watched every season!::

Ahhhhhhhh! LOST starts tomorrow and I could not be more excited! Seriously.

To say I'm a fan could, quite possibly, be the biggest understatement of all time. I absolutely love this show and I'm so sad it's the last season...

...But, with that said, I'm am beyond thrilled to see how everything pans out for the Oceanic 815 survivors.

Did detonating the hydrogen bomb change the future? Will Oceanic Flight 815 land safe and sound at LAX? What will happen to Ben now that Jacob is dead? The island? Will Sun and Jin be reunited? I hope so, because I was seriously sick of hearing the biotch ask about finding him. Who will Kate end up with, Jack or Sawyer? What the eff happened to Claire and where has she been for 3 years?

I want to hear your theories. What are they? What mystery are you most looking forward to being solved?

Me? I want to find out what do the numbers mean and what is the smoke monster? Any thoughts?


  1. They say that we are going to get all the answers on this season so I hope they come through. I really want to know what is going on with Claire and Christian. He was dead, and the island can't bring people back to life so how is he walking around and hanging out with Claire. My thought is she is dead too, but who knows.

  2. I thought she was dead too, but everyone kept asking what happened to her, where has she been, etc? So maybe she's not dead.

    I'm wondering about Christian too. He's been walking around the island since season 1 and it has yet to be explained why or what he has to do with the island.

  3. I don't have any theories... actually I have a lot but I am really excited just to see how things turn out.

    My only question is... was Locke's body taken over well before he died? Maybe when the plane crashed? Maybe that explains why he could walk?

    Just a thought.

    But I am ooooooooh soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm thinking that he took his body over when they crashed.

    The smoke monster has come in the form of other dead people before. Alex, Eko's brother, etc. I'm wondering if he's Christian too.