Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Under the Sea

Ok, ladies. I need your help picking a swim suit for vacation.

I've got a hot pink one-piece already, but I was seriously considering being daring and wearing a two-piece. I'm not so much worried about my tummy as I am my butt and hips, so I thought a skirted bottom might be the solution.

Which suit should I get?


  1. I like 1 and 3...and have you checked out my blog today...I mention you!

  2. Love that last one. Where's it from?

  3. Numbers 1 & 3 are my favorite. And that's just because I am not a huge fan of the "peek-a-boo-crotch" bottoms on the other two. You either cover it all up, or you don't! :) What about a tie skirt? You are on vacation and won't see anyone again, use it as an opportunity to show off that Boo-Tay!