Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poor Sawyer

::Warning: Spoilers from this week's episode::

I'm so sad for Sawyer. He doesn't get Kate (that we know of yet) and Juliet dies! This guy can't catch a break. And why bring Juliet back just to kill her in the first 10 minutes? I already thought she was dead, couldn't we keep on believing that? C'mon, J.J. Abrams! Why must you make me bawl my eyes out in the season 5 finale, watching that heartbreaking goodbye between her and Sawyer, only to bring her back for 10 minutes and actually kill her? Don't make me relive it twice, dude!

Anyway, the LOST premiere was A-mazing, just as expected. Of course, when they answered one question, they raised 10 more. You're too good, J.J.! You know exactly how to hook me every time.

So now the question is...what in the eff is going on??? Is there an alternate reality going on where the plane lands safely in L.A.? What year is it on the island? What is the deal with The Others at the temple? Uh...Sayid's alive?

Feel free to discuss your thoughts and opinions.

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