Monday, February 15, 2010

Success, finally!!

After weeks of hitting a plateau, I was hesitant to get on that scale again today. I didn't want to have to write another post about how I failed, AGAIN, this week. I mean, c'mon, what would be the point of even making the effort to write about it?

Imagine my surprise when the scale read 156, not 158. I lost 2 lbs! That brings me to a total of 35 lbs. lost since having the baby. And since I only gained 20, do you know what that means? It means I've lost 15 extra pounds that I had before I was pregnant! Eeeeeeeeeeek!

I think I can lose another 2 before we leave for vacation. I'm going to try my hardest! I'm actually thinking about doing the Special K diet for the next 2 weeks. Basically, you replace 2 of your meals with one of their products. Cereal, granola bars, protein drinks, etc. Since I don't eat much for breakfast or lunch, I figure replacing those two meals should be easy. I hope!

Current stats and goals for this week
Current weight: 156
Goal weight: 145
Goal weight loss for the week: 3 lbs. That's right, I'm going to try 3, instead of 2!
Other goals: Start, and stick to, Special K diet


Blair's McFatty Monday post inspired me to post progress pictures as well. So here they are. My fat ass and stretchies in all their glory...

5 days post-partum, not sure how much weight was lost at this point

13 weeks post-partum and 35 lbs. down

Notice the love handles. And the thighs...well, they still need some work, but I feel good about my progress!


  1. ummm...So I'm hating you right now! I think you look great girl! Have fun in Hawaii!!!

  2. Thanks, lady! :)

    I definitely won't be getting into a bikini for Hawaii, but I feel comfortable enough to wear a one piece haha!

  3. Check out my recent blog post! I found the cutest tankini! That is what I'll be wearing this summer despite how toned I get! I absolutely love it!!!

  4. You are looking awesome in those pics. I am jealous. I did weigh a lot more than you in the preggers arena, so I have a ways to go. I'm thinking next week I am going to bite the bullet and post my actual weight number. And keep up the great work!

  5. You look awesome! Seriously! I weighed about 155 pre-preg and I thought I was so fat. Not sure how tall you are but now I'm wishing to look that good again.

  6. Thanks, Jess!

    I'm 5'7" so I'm right at the line for having a normal BMI. I would like to get to 145.