Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Evie Rosenblatt

Is it wrong that my new favorite pastime is making up Jewish old man names for my daughter?

Now, before anyone gets offended, Evie Rose is a quarter Jewish...not too shabby (Adam Sandler fans, anyone?) Seriously though, Brian's father is Jewish and he thinks it's hilarious!

Brian and I sit around and see who can come up with the best name and profession for her. It's just hard not to think of "Howard Feingold, MD. Damn glad to meet ya." when you see this hair!

It's the hair that started it all. She has more hair on the back of her head than the top, and it's longer. Which gives her the appearance of a balding old man. Brian started calling her Don Rickels and it just kept going from there.

So far, I'm winning the "Best Jewish Old Man Name" contest with "Morty Rosenblatt, Tax Attorney". We've also got Harry Weinstein, Henry Finkelstein, and Elliott Rosenburg.

Geez, I need a hobby, huh?

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