Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleeping Arrangements

Why won't my child sleep anywhere but with me?

I swear, at this rate, she'll be sleeping with us until she's 30! She's been this way since birth. She will only sleep in bed with me. She will nap in her swing if she is swaddled, but when the sun goes down, only mama will do.

We're leaving for Hawaii in less than 60 days and she's staying with the grandparents. I would feel terrible if she wasn't able to sleep alone by then. Also, having her bed-share with anyone, besides us, makes me nervous. Brian's mom did not seem too thrilled when I informed her of the sleeping arrangement we have going on now.

I just spent about an hour walking back and forth to her room to put her paci back in. We were trying out the crib and it just wasn't working. She would fall asleep to the soothing sounds of Margot, her soothe and glow seahorse, only to be awakened as soon as it turned off. Then screaming ensues. Dammit.

Dear Evie,

WTF? Be a good girl and go to sleep somewhere other than right in mommy's face, mkay? Also, please don't scream bloody murder and then smile when I walk in the room. It's very frustrating and hard to be mad at you. Thanks in advance.


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